Yamatake to change its name to “Azbil”
- Group companies in Japan to add “Azbil” for uniformity -

May  10, 2011

TOKYO, May 10, 2011 - Yamatake Corporation of the azbil Group has announced that it will change its name to “Azbil” to consolidate and strengthen the “azbil” brand.

New company name: Azbil Corporation
Date of change: April 1, 2012

It is conditional on approval of shareholders at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders by the end of June 2011.

Reason for company name change
Since it was founded in 1906 as Yamatake Shokai, Yamatake has been meeting the needs of society through automation with the aim of “freeing people from drudgery.” This philosophy has been carried on progressively over the years; such as in “Savemation” (saving through automation) and in the present Group philosophy of “human-centered automation.” The Group symbol, azbil, representing the “human-centered automation” philosophy, was formulated five years ago, and it has since been gaining recognition in Japan and overseas. Yamatake has therefore decided to change its name from “Yamatake” to “Azbil” on the occasion of its 105th anniversary.

Objectives for the name change to Azbil Corporation are as follows:

  1. Unify the three names (Group philosophy, Group name, Group company names) to develop and strengthen the brand globally.
    • Group philosophy: Human-centered automation: Automation Zone Builder (introduced October 2006)
    • Group name: azbil Group (introduced October 2008)
    • Group company names: Uniformly add “azbil” (to Group companies in Japan planned from April 2012)
      *Overseas affiliates have already included “azbil” in their company names starting in January 2009
  2. Raise recognition of the azbil Group as a corporate entity that contributes to solving customers’ issues with both “products and on-site solutions” through its multiple contact points with customers.
  3. Enhance awareness of being a good corporate citizen and carry out activities (CSR, social contribution, etc.) as a unified Group.

In striving to realize the azbil Group’s long-term goal of becoming a “top-class global automation enterprise,” we will powerfully advance these measures, which incorporate our strong intention to reform business structures and operations and work toward raising the enterprise value of the Group as a whole.

Along with the name change to Azbil Corporation, the names of Group companies in Japan will also change; Yamatake Shokai will become Azbil Trading, and Kimmon Manufacturing will become Azbil Kimmon. These changes are planned to take effect April 1, 2012.

Group companies subject to name change and new company names as of April 2012

Current company name New company name
Yamatake Corporation Azbil Corporation
Yamatake Control Products Co., Ltd.
Yamatake & Co., Ltd. Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.
Yamatake Friendly Co., Ltd. Azbil Yamatake Friendly Co., Ltd.
Yamatake Care-Net Co., Ltd. Azbil Care & Support Co., Ltd.
Safety Service Center Co., Ltd.
SecurityFriday Co., Ltd. Azbil SecurityFriday Co., Ltd.
Kimmon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd.
Aomori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Aomori Co., Ltd.
Wakayama Seiki Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Wakayama Co., Ltd.
Shirakawa Seiki Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Shirakawa Co., Ltd.
Kimmon Shirasawa Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Shirasawa Co., Ltd.
Kimmon Aizu Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Aizu Co., Ltd.
Kimmon Haramachi Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Haramachi Co., Ltd.
Kimmon Karatsu Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Karatsu Co., Ltd.
Kimmon Environment Equipment Co., Ltd. Azbil Kimmon Engineering Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido Kimmon Construction Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Kimmon Construction Co., Ltd.
Yamatake Mizuho Co., Ltd. Azbil Kyoto Co., Ltd.
Royal Controls Co., Ltd. Azbil RoyalControls Co., Ltd.
Taishin Co., Ltd. Azbil Taishin Co., Ltd.

*For Group companies in Japan not listed above, the timing of implementing name changes is under review.

* Yamatake Corporation changed its name to Azbil Corporation on April 1, 2012.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.