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PLUG-IN Valstaff - Control Valve Maintenance Support System

PLUG-IN Valstaff improves the efficiency of control valve maintenance operations by providing control valve management and online diagnostics.

What is PLUG-IN Valstaff?

The PLUG-IN Valstaff control valve maintenance support system is a software package that supports the decision-making necessary for control valve maintenance and increases the efficiency of maintenance work.
PLUG-IN Valstaff runs on the same PC as one of the following device management systems.
  • InnovativeField Organizer (IFO, an Azbil Corp. product)
  • Plant Resource Manager (PRM, a Yokogawa Electric Corp. product)
    If PRM is R3.05.XX, it is necessary to install the R3.05.01 service patch in order to use PLUG-IN Valstaff. Otherwise, PRM must be R3.10 or later to use PLUG-IN Valstaff.


  1. Online diagnostics for control valves while the plant is operating.
    PLUG-IN Valstaff's online diagnostics support early detection of abnormalities by indexing control valve conditions numerically. That may enable the user to reduce the number of problems caused by control valves.

  2. Automated stroke testing for control valves makes maintenance work more efficient and reduces the load on plant workers during turnaround maintenance.

  3. Quick response to control valve abnormalities
    PLUG-IN Valstaff helps the user to find the cause of abnormalities and to change settings, contributing to faster recovery from problems.

System Configuration

  1. System configuration when integrated with DCS

  2. DCS external configuration

Supported Smart Valve Positioners

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