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MagneW 3000 PLUS+ Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter

  • Converter: General, FM/CSA Nonincendive Approval Model MGG14C
  • Detector: General, FM/CSA Nonincendive Approval Model MGG18/19
  • Detector: FM/CSA Explosion-proof Approval Model MGG17


The MagneW 3000 PLUS+ electromagnetic flowmeter offers highperformance, and high reliability based on Azbil Corporation's field proven technologies. The model MGG14C converter offers expanded flowrate and process measurement capabilities when used with the new range of MagneW 3000 PLUS+ detectors. FM / CSA nonincendive model is suitable for use in Class I / II / III, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, F, and G or non - hazardous location only. General model is suitable for use in non - hazardous location.


Liquid crystal display with backlighting (optional)
  • Backlit display eases reading in direct sunlight or in a dark room.
  • Simultaneously displays flow rate in percentage, actual flow rate and totalized value.
  • Rotating display improves visibility of integral models mounted on pipes.
Setting parameters by optional infrared touch sensor (Optional)
  • Allows safe setting, in severe environments, without opening the cover of the converter.
  • Prevent wrong operation, wrong configuration through the infrared touch sensor by write protection function.
Mirror Smooth PFA Liner
  • Azbil Corporation's patented manufacturing process yields a PFA liner with a mirror smooth finish that significantly reduces scaling. The result is reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs. The embedded stainless steel reinforcement offers proven performance advantages in conditions such as rapid thermal change or vacuum conditions.
Variety of liner materials
  • Other liner materials available for the MagneW 3000 PLUS Detectors include ETFE, Ceramic, and Polyurethane and Chloroprene rubber. These alternate materials offer higher durability in more abrasive applications.
Type of protection
  • Conforms CE marking and FM/CSA Nonincendive use in Class I / II / III, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.


Pulp and Paper
  • Pulp, chemicals, corrosive liquids, industrial water, wastewater, etc.
  • Corrosive liquids, dyestuffs, chemicals, industrial water, waste water, etc.
Public utilities
  • Potable water, sewage systems, community drainage, human waste, sludge, sediment slurry, regulation of total effluent, etc.
  • Beer, milk, juice, wine, liquor, potable water, light, medium and high density fluids, industrial water, waste water, etc.
Steel / nonferrous metals / ceramics
  • Alumina slurry, cooling water, industrial water, sea water, corrosive liquids, wastewater, etc.
Machinery / electrical machinery
  • Corrosive liquids, cooling water, circulating water, industrial water, waste water, etc.
  • Building material slurry, sediment slurry, cement slurry, industrial water, etc.
  • Sediment slurry, etc.
Electric power
  • Corrosive liquids, cooling water, industrial water, wastewater, etc.
  • Circulating water for air conditioning, etc.
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