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MagneW 3000 PLUS+ Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter

  • HENRI Flowmeter for Pulp Slurry Model MGH14C


MagneW 3000 PLUS+ HENRI
For decades the pulp and paper industry has had to deal with erratic and unreliable outputs from flow measurements of high consistency pulp stock. The unique characteristics of pulp stock have taxed the capabilities of traditional pulsed DC magnetic flowmeters. Azbil Corporation has developed a noise-resistant magnetic flowmeter that combines the zero stability of pulsed DC with the noise immunity of AC driven magmeters.
A high excitation frequency is only part of the solution to pulp stock flow measurement. By optimizing the coil core design, coil turns, excitation frequency and excitation current Azbil Corporation's MagneW 3000 PLUS+ HENRI Magnetic Flowmeter provides reliable and repeatable performance for all high consistency stock flow measurements. But the benefits don't stop at pulp stock. The MagneW 3000 PLUS+ HENRI performance advantages are also applicable to other high solids slurries where traditional magmeters just don't cut it.
HENRI includes all the same features and rugged construction of the MagneW 3000 PLUS+ Family so you can be assured of long service life and trouble free operation.


Stable and accurate measurement by high-frequency excitation technology
  • MagneW 3000 PLUS+ HENRI minimizes the output fluctuation caused by various noises (Slurry noise, AC noise and Electrochemical noise) and realizes stable and accurate flow measurement for pulp slurry applications.
High-performance liner
  • A unique high quality liner manufacturing technology makes it possible to offer mirror-finish PFA liner. The mirror-finish PFA liner is best suited for scaling applications.
  • A new material ETFE (harder than PFA) liner is suitable for wearing applications in Pulp & Paper process. ETFE liner extends life-time of the liner in high consistency pulp slurry applications.
Replaceable face-to-face dimension detector (Optional)
  • This detector can replace the detector of our existing models and those of other suppliers.
    Please consult your Azbil Corporation representative for details.
Rugged detector structure
  • A stainless steel housing has been adopted for sizes 40 to 200 mm (1 to 8 inches).
  • A watertight structure is used for the watertight model (Model MGH18).


Applications for pulp production, preparation and papermaking process
  • Pulpstock flow to head box
  • DIP (De-inked pulp) application
  • Pulp from screen
  • Green liquor
  • Diluted black liquor
  • Dye/pigment dosing application
  • White liquor
  • High consistency pulp
  • Pulp from pulper


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