Products and Services for the Automotive Industry

Products and Services for the Automotive Industry

Taking advantage of our ability to offer a one-stop system encompassing product supply and maintenance services, we have an extensive track record of providing solutions by leveraging our measurement and control technologies to help our customers respond to rapid changes in society and the consumer environment.

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March 1, 2016
Products and Services for the Automotive Industry

Contributing to the Automotive Industry, from Walk-through to Maintenance in a One-Stop System

The automotive industry has experienced two major changes. One is a change to rapid-cycle manufacturing (streamlining of production systems, upgrading of production capacity, use of new materials, innovations in logistics, etc.) arising from the expected increase in demand stemming from a sharp increase in world population. The other is a change in the demands by society to address global-scale environmental issues, as seen in tougher environmental and energy restrictions and increased awareness of safety and security issues .

Always looking one step ahead, Azbil has been working together with customers to deal with these changes both by making incremental improvements in management and control systems, measurement and control equipment, and energy-saving technologies in the field, and by helping to equip new factories. By taking advantage of our measurement and control technologies, we are able to be a one-stop provider for walk-throughs and solution proposals for design, manufacture, adjustment, and maintenance .

Azbil always proposes solutions based on its "human-centered" concept, which is what makes Azbil unique. We strive to be the best possible partner for our customers by making the maximum use of the experience and know-how we have gained through the years and the diverse products that have resulted from our research and development in the areas of measurement and control.

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

  • Operation Management

    We raise the value of manufacturing operations and contribute to society using measurement, control, and information technology to optimize the relationships between the five assets (raw materials, energy, equipment, products, and workers) that are basic to all manufacturing sites.

    • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

      Supports high-usage high-availability industrial automation control and distributed control that achieves safe and stable production.

Products for the Automotive Industry