Energy Management and Analysis System

In the industrial sector, including the manufacturing industry, with reduction of greenhouse gas set as the environmental management goal, the promotion of energy-saving efforts toward achievement of the goal has become an urgent issue.
The Energy Management and Analysis System visualizes all of the relevant information, including energy consumption, volume of CO2 generated, and cost, identifies problems, verifies the improvement of energy efficiency in specific locations, and enables a continuous PDCA cycle of energy-saving activity.
The headquarters and factory management department can manage the absolute amount/number and target value of CO2 and cost, and each factory facility management department can conduct adjustment of the number of machines based on the efficiency of the heat sources as a whole and the efficiency of individual machines, and can address deterioration of device performance at an early stage.
By using the optional simulation function, it is also possible to estimate the effectiveness of changes to equipment and control improvement.
(Optional function: Utility Optimization System)

Energy Management and Analysis System

  • Web-based management function shows the amount of CO2 emssions, electricity consumption, and fuel use at each office, as well the amount of energy used by manufacturing lines and utility equipment like compressors, refrigerators, and boilers.
  • Visualization of the efficiency of the whole factory, as well as the efficiency of individual heat sources and machines
  • Analysis based on various kinds of graphs is possible.
  • System is applicable for small-scale to large-scale energy management.
  • Estimation of the effectiveness of proposed energy-saving improvements and consideration of their optimum implementation can be done using simulation (optional function: Utility Optimization System)

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