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Changi DCS Plant

Changi DCS Plant

Changi Business Park is a business district in Singapore, where forward-looking businesses such as knowledge-intensive enterprises, high-tech businesses, and financial data centers are located. At the Changi DCS Plant, which supplies chilled water to the air conditioning systems of the buildings located in this business park, the monitoring and control system was recently revamped with the aim of further improving continuous stability of the chilled water supply. By installing a new, easy-to-use system, the Plant has achieved significant improvement in reliability of equipment operation.

A project to strengthen monitoring and control performance to respond to increased users

Situated almost at the center of Southeast Asia and right on the equator, Singapore has prospered as a base of East-West trade since long ago. In recent years, companies in mainly developed nations including Japan have been actively injecting capital into Singapore to take advantage of its geographical superiority.

Changi Business Park is located adjacent to the area that houses Changi Airport, Singapore’s gateway for air travel. The development of this business park is still underway. In the site measuring about 66 hectares in total, about a dozen buildings have already been constructed, and companies, mainly those in the fields of high-tech businesses, research and development divisions of multinational companies, as well as the data management departments of financial institutions, have begun operation.

The district cooling system (DCS)*1 of the Changi DCS Plant provides chilled water for the air conditioning systems of the buildings located in Changi Business Park. It boasts a refrigeration capacity of 30,000 refrigeration tons (RT) to ensure stable and continuous supply of chilled water to the buildings. Keppel DHCS that developed, installed, and operates the plant is known as the largest DHCS*2 provider in Singapore. The company not only provides district cooling service to Singapore’s major business parks such as Biopolis and Woodlands, but also actively conducts business relating to district heating and cooling systems (DHCS) in various parts of the world.

“Since the Changi DCS Plant began operation in 2000, we have done everything to ensure reliable monitoring and control of the equipment including the refrigeration system in order to maintain stable and continuous supply of chilled water to customers in the area. However, as the development of Changi Business Park progressed and the number of companies operating in the park increased, in 2008 we began realizing the need to revamp the monitoring and control system,” said Mr. Ng.

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This case study was published in the January 2012 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.