PT. Pertamina

Raising operational efficiency is future issue of business management

To shorten the switchover time and cut the renewal cost, any equipment such as sensors, valves, and terminal panels already installed and in good working condition were left in place, and only the DCS was renewed. Azbil’s Harmonas-DEO™ monitoring and control system was introduced as the new DCS. It offers similar ease-of-use and is achieving the same operability and productivity after system switchover.

Mr. Erfan Gafar said: “ The DCS was replaced while part of the plant was shut down for planned maintenance. So the timing of replacing the DCS would change depending on how the maintenance work progressed. Despite repeated schedule changes, the switchover was completed as originally planned without delay.”

Following a pledge by Indonesian President Yudhoyono to reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by 18% by 2025, Indonesia’s key industries are now expected to implement measures to reduce carbon emissions. In response, Pertamina is taking initiatives to lower both carbon emissions and energy costs.

Mr. Imam Udiantoro said: “One of the targets in our performance contract with the Indonesian government is optimizing energy usage at the paraxylene plant. And we are aiming to achieve this by optimizing furnace operation and reducing heat source loss.”

Mr. Dadi Sugiana said : “ At Pertamina, all seven refineries are aiming to place in the top 25 percent for energy efficiency based on the Solomon Associates Energy Intensity Index, a benchmarking method for the oil refining sector. Among them, our Cilacap refinery has the highest ranking, in the top 30 percent worldwide, and we plan on improving it further. We look forward to continued support from the azbil Group, which is regarded highly for its control technologies.”


*1 DCS (Distributed Control System)
A system that monitors and controls the manufacturing process or production facilities in plants and factories. To achieve even distribution of load, the DCS distributes the functions of each device over a network, resulting in safety and excellent maintainability.
*2 Planned Maintenance
Large-scale, scheduled inspection and repair work routinely carried out at production facilities and plants.

These case studies were published in the 2012 Vol.4 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.