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Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ)

Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ)

Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ) , located in Saudi Arabia, has upgraded its analog valve positioners to digital ones with communication capabilities in order to improve maintainability of the valves used in ethylene glycol production. As a result, the maintenance workload was greatly reduced. Now that detailed knowledge of valve and positioner condition is available, the company has taken the first step toward realizing “predictive maintenance”.

*SHARQ means “east” in Arabic, and the company was so named because it is located in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province and it is a joint venture with an eastern country, Japan.

A partner supporting petrochemical plants for 30 years

Saudi Arabia by itself makes up most of the Arabian Peninsula and it is the largest country in the Middle East. With the largest oil reserves and oil export volumes in the world, Saudi Arabia's oil resources are the core of its industry and economy. It has been developing oil-related industries such as oil refining and petrochemical as its mainstays.

With its plants in Al-Jubail, one of the world's leading industrial cities located in eastern Saudi Arabia along the Persian Gulf, Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ) was established as a joint venture between Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)*1 and Saudi Petrochemical Development Corporation (SPDC)*2 in May 1981. The company manufactures four products: ethylene glycol, linear low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, and ethylene; with a total production volume of 5 million tons a year.

Ethylene glycol production began at the EG1 plant in 1985, expanding to EG2 in 1993, EG3 in 2000, and EG4 in 2009. These production facilities now rank among the world's largest, producing 2.2 million tons per year.

Of these plants, EG1, EG2, and EG3 have adopted Azbil Corporation control valves.

Mr. Al-Ahmadi said: “In the first plant, EG1, we rated the reliability and durability of Azbil control valves and the stability of maintenance parts supply very highly. When we expanded production to EG2 and EG3, we continued to use Azbil products.”

Mr. Al-Mutairi said: “When a problem does occur, we only need to give the tag number and, based on that product's delivery date, etc., the correct replacement part is always delivered, which gives us considerable peace of mind. Azbil has been our reliable partner for 30 years.”

This case study was published in the 2013 Vol.2 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.