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Daesung Industrial Gases Co., Ltd.

Daesung Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. is a leading company in industrial gases producing market of South Korea. The company supplies manufacturers and other customers with industrial gases on a 24/7/365 basis. For that reason its choice of the instrumentation and control systems that support its industrial gas production facilities is extremely important. It could be said that the company has grown as much as it has since its founding because it has consistently adopted business partners that provide highly reliable products and services based on Japanese quality.

High ratings for technology and cost lead to long use of Azbil products

Daesung Industrial Corporation was founded in 1947 as an energy supplier for Korean industries. Daesung,*1 with Daesung Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. (hereinafter DIG) as a leading member, does business not only in the energy market, but also in a wide range of areas such as industrial gases, machinery, construction, and distribution.

Among the various companies in Daesung, DIG is the one that produces and sells industrial gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. Today, the company does business not only with manufacturers, but also with companies in the medical and food industries. Its capacity for producing industrial gases is now top-ranked in Korea.

“We were latecomers in this business; there were already many foreign competitors in Korea back then, and yet we managed to become number one in production capacity,” notes Sun-Wook HAN. “We think this is partly because of our successful efforts in four main business areas: bulk production of liquefied gases exclusively, tonnage sale of liquefied gases distributed by pipeline, specialty gases, and industrial plants, where gas is produced on the customers’ premises. But we also believe that we were able to achieve impressive success because of our partners who have worked continuously to support us in various ways, and therefore we feel very thankful for them.”

In particular, Azbil Corporation, which has continuously supported DIG’s production of industrial gases by providing instrumentation devices, transmitters, and control valves, as well as control and monitoring systems, is one of DIG’s most important partners. DIG used Azbil’s products in 1979 for the first time, and now almost all of its facilities, a total of 13 factories and more than 40 industrial plants, are using Azbil’s products.

“The primary reason for our continuous selection of Azbil’s products is that they are really satisfying in terms of technology — high-quality products with good operability — and in terms of competitive price,” explains Sun-Woo LEE.

This case study was published in the 2015 Vol.1 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.