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Aqua Planet Jeju

Expectations for Azbil as a partner to support future business expansion

In July 2010, immediately after Azbil Korea was chose as a partner to build the LSS for the aquarium, construction of Aqua Planet Jeju was started and completed in May 2012. Since the aquarium’s opening in July 2012 until today, the LSS keeps steady operation all the time.

Measuring the sea water temperature at the outlet of tank, the LSS controls the water temperature in the tank by adjusting the heat exchange amount of the seawater circulating into the tank. This control sequence is programmed in digital indicating controllers, and the savic-net™FX building management system continuously monitors the environment in the exhibit tanks. Introduction of the savicnet FX has made possible the centralized facility management, furthermore eliminated surveillance works several times a day to adjust and manage the water temperature of multiple water tanks, and significantly reduced the burden on the operators.

Mr. Kim said: “Now the aquarium’s water temperature control is completely automated, we can maintain the optimal environment for all the aquatic animals in the water tanks, without worrying about the delay in responding to troubles.”

Mr. Oh said: “In the event of an abnormality of the water temperature in the tanks, the savic-net FX alerts operators by sending a short message to their mobile phones. Even if the operator is not constantly watching the monitor screen, the operator can respond quickly to the alarm.”

In order to meet the growing popularity of aquariums in Korea, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts is actively planning new aquariums in other areas, and considering Azbil as its first choice for partner in constructing the LSS. In fact, Azbil Korea provided the monitoring and control of the LSS for Aqua Planet Yeosu aquarium, which opened on May 12, 2012, slightly earlier than the opening of Aqua Planet Jeju. Furthermore, Azbil Korea was selected to build the LSS for Aqua Planet Ilsan, another aquarium now under construction.

Mr. Park said: “We are very satisfied with not only the superiority of Azbil products and systems but also the total service and response of Azbil employees, from installation through to operation support and maintenance.”

Mr. Ju said: “I am sincerely looking forward for Azbil Korea, a company with advanced technical capabilities and know-how, to playing an important partner for our aquarium business, which is a strategic priority for our company.”


*1 LSS (Life Support System)
A system for maintaining an appropriate environment for raising and displaying aquatic creatures in an aquarium.

This case study was published in the 2013 Vol.3 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.