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Individualized environmental comfort systems

Example | Automatic air conditioning system incorporating new ideas for creating indoor space with more comfortable air flow (amount and direction)

This system can effectively control the amount of air flow and its direction according to temperature preferences of users. A combination of total airflow control and ease of use of the air conditioning system result in a more pleasant living space.

Feature 1. Improved comfort using cell-based air conditioning technology

This technology is based on a method for controlling airflow volume and direction by dividing office space into small cells of about 25 m². The air flow can be controlled on a cell-by-cell basis to create different environments ranging from a mild one with little airflow to a cool one with top-to-bottom airflow. With top-to-bottom airflow, one feels cooler at the same temperature than without the airflow, so this method is expected to be effective in terms of energy savings.

Feature 2. Everyone can control the temperature, boosting user satisfaction

Responding to users’ desire to control their environment according to their preferences, the system is designed so that all users can control it on a cell-by-cell basis from the setting device, which has contributed to improving customer satisfaction from the air conditioning.