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Machine systems with humanlike abilities

Example 1 | Next-Generation Smart Robot with Near-Human Sensing Abilities Performs Delicate Tasks with Dexterity

Azbil combines the sensing and control technologies it has cultivated over many years in order to tackle a variety of challenges at production sites. Using precise force control, Azbil’s next-generation smart robot can perform assembly work, move soft or fragile objects, and accomplish other tasks that are difficult for conventional robots.

Feature 1. MEMS-based force sensor

Each of the robot’s joints incorporates a high-strength and high-rigidity force sensor built with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. By detecting the force of contact with a workpiece, the robot can handle it with dexterity like a person does.

Feature 2. Force-sensitive operation using force feedback control technology

Azbil has developed force control technology that uses signals from force sensors. With the precise force control made possible by this technology, the robot can track the contours of a workpiece and deburr or polish it; insert a shaft, press a component into place, and do other assembly tasks; and transport flexible and fragile objects

Special Website for the Next-Generation Smart Robot (Japanese)

Example 2 | Flexible automated assembly system equipped with intelligent machines having a humanlike sense of touch and sight

An automated assembly system equipped with machines possessing tactile sense, vision, and intelligence imitating those of human beings, in order to recognize various situations and respond flexibly and swiftly.

Feature:Active compliance technology for precise control of force

An active compliance device consists of a position sensor, accelerometer, electrical current sensor, and force-sensing actuator. A robotic arm with such a device at its tip and a jig for holding the workpiece can assemble products by optimally controlling force so as not to damage components. It also can judge whether its operation was successful by evaluating the current status based on data collected by its sensors.

Assembling Blocks with Gentle Hands and a Humanlike Sense of Touch and Sight (Movie)

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