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Machine systems with humanlike abilities

Example| Machine systems with humanlike abilities Flexible automated assembly system equipped with intelligent machines having a humanlike sense of touch and sight

An automated assembly system equipped with machines possessing tactile sense, vision, and intelligence imitating those of human beings, in order to recognize various situations and respond flexibly and swiftly.

Feature 1. Active compliance technology for precise control of force

An active compliance device consists of a position sensor, accelerometer, electrical current sensor, and force-sensing actuator. A robotic arm having such a device at its tip can assemble products by optimally controlling force so as not to damage components. It also can judge whether its operation was successful by evaluating the current status based on data collected by its sensors.

Feature 2. Vision technology enabling the selection of only the necessary parts from a mixed pile

The system can recognize the type and the position of blocks placed at random from their color and size by matching them with an image of the intended item taken by a camera. It also can check the quality of the completed product by comparing it with an ideal product.

Assembling Blocks with Gentle Hands and a Humanlike Sense of Touch and Sight (Movie)

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