Employee Relations

We encourage business management that values people and allows all employees to realize their potential. For that reason we are revising our approaches to work and organizational management to reflect changes in the employment and work environment while continually fostering awareness about health and safety.

■ Business Management that Values People

We respect fundamental human rights and do not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, religion, creed, birth, age, or physical disability. On the basis of our standards of conduct, we strive to improve employee health and work-life balance, improve workplace environment and safety, and increase employee satisfaction. We are developing various measures and systems to support these efforts, while strengthening the foundations of our “ business management that values people. ”

■Realizing Healthy and Happy Lives for Employees

Invigorating the Corporate Culture

Since fiscal year 2013,we have conducted employee satisfaction surveys with the aim of creating healthy, happy and positive workplaces,using the results to identify and analyze the current workplace situation and any problems in matters such as motivation for work, mutual communication between bosses and subordinates,and job performance. Through this repeated process of survey—analysis—improvement, we are endeavoring to raise the standard of workplace management.

In departments where employee satisfaction is relatively low, the Human Resources Department has worked with workplace managers to devise and implement corrective measures. Repeatedly carrying out this process has resulted in our satisfaction index*improving yearly from 40% in fiscal year 2013 to 49% in fiscal year 2017.

In fiscal year 2015 (ended March 2016), we began conducting the satisfaction survey at all Group companies in order to create healthy, happy, and positive workplaces throughout the azbil Group.

* An index calculated by: satisfied employees (%) – dissatisfied employees (%).

Work-style Reforms

Azbil Corporation is promoting “ work-style reforms ” as an important part of its commitment to business management that values people. This entails company-wide initiatives in three areas: (1) reduction in the total working hours of individual employees, (2)realization of healthy lives, both physically and mentally, and (3) creation of harassment-free workplaces.

(1) Reduction in the Total Working Hours of Individual Employees

We have been working hard to reduce the total number of hours worked by individual employees and appropriately manage the overtime hours of employees by setting time management levels for each workplace under a three-year plan that began in fiscal year 2016. In addition, we are acting to reduce overtime work by introducing a diversified work system that takes efficiency and customer service into account. We aim to become effective in fiscal year 2019 one year early. 

(2) Realization of Healthy Lives Both Physically and Mentally

Raising the Standard of Health and Safety among Group Companies

We have extended the Azbil Corporation’s Basic Policy on Health and Safety, its Health and Safety Regulations, and its Health and Safety Committee Regulations to cover the entire azbil Group in an ongoing effort to raise the standard of health and safety among Group companies.

Progressive Expansion of OHSMS Certification

During the sixth year of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) certification, we continued to maintain a highly safety-conscious workplace environment while gradually increasing the number of business establishments that have OHSMS certification.

Health and Safety Education through e-Learning

We use e-learning programs to teach employees to prevent unsafe behavior due to human error and to study examples of past accidents. We also continually provide education based on past occupational accidents to prevent their recurrence.

Promotion of Health Management

We are promoting better employee health with the cooperation of the Azbil Group’s Health Insurance Society by clarifying health issues that we need to address based on employee exercise, diet, smoking habits, and health examination results, as well as workplace environment surveys and the like. In fiscal year 2017, events were held to promote routine exercise and prevent obesity, in addition to further activities to help employees quit smoking through the use of lung checkers and other methods. Thanks to praise for these initiatives, the azbil Group was selected as a “White 500 Company” in the large enterprise category of the Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in February 2018.

Mental Health Measures

We provide self-care education to help employees notice their stress levels and deal with them effectively. We have also updated the content of our “line care training” in the fiscal year ended March 2017. A third round of the training is conducted to enable workplace managers to quickly identify mental illness among their subordinates. In addition, we conduct annual stress checks, the results of which are used to provide individual care for high-stress employees through interviews with industrial physicians. The results are also used to analyze the situation in the organization and, together with the results of separately conducted employee satisfaction surveys, provide valuable feedback for improving the workplace environment.

When an employee is reinstated after taking a leave of absence due to a mental illness, we carefully check the preparedness of the workplace for the employee’s return, and we have a system in place to provide support after reinstatement to prevent a recurrence of the illness.

(3) Creation of Harassment-free Workplaces

We conduct compliance awareness surveys of all employees and use the survey results to plan and implement remedial measures at departments deemed highly susceptible to harassment.

In particular, at departments that require intensive remedial measures for two consecutive years, we hold review meetings with the workplace managers and HR department staff and take concrete measures accordingly. Furthermore, in the fiscal year ended March 2018, we implemented these measures at departments where there was little concern of harassment, if any. These efforts have led to improvements, as the results of our awareness surveys confirm.

■ Diversity Promotion

The azbil Group believes that raising performance by respecting each individual’s personality, utilizing their unique characteristics, and enabling them to work enthusiastically is the driving force of corporate growth. We think creating an environment where diverse human beings can actively participate, such as one which has systems that support work-life balance of individuals to enable them to both work and raise children or nurse a family member at the same time, is extremely important.

In regard to promoting the active participation of women, the Group has set a target to at least double the number of women in managerial or specialist positions (35 managers) in March 2015 by the fiscal year ending in March 2022. We are creating even more opportunities for women to actively participate, such as ongoing training focusing on recruitment, education, and the expansion of operations for target female employees and their supervisors.

In addition, to promote various ways of working, we are actively seeking the opinions and concerns of our employees who are actually raising children or nursing a family member, and we are applying what we have learned to the creation of systems which make the work environment more employee-friendly.

Starting in the fiscal year 2018, the azbil Group will expand the time within which employees can take paid leave by the hour, in addition to adopting systems such as allowing employees to take a leave of absence to accompany a spouse on an overseas assignment, and allowing employees to take a leave of absence for self-improvement.

■Maintaining and Increasing Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

In 1998, we established a special subsidiary company, Azbil Yamatake Friendly Co., Ltd., with the aim of creating a place where employees with intellectual disabilities can thrive and play an active role in the company. Azbil Yamatake Friendly’s management policy is to assist in the skill enhancement and self-realization of people with intellectual disabilities through work, thereby enabling these employees to contribute to society. With this in mind, we endeavor to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Having received approval to use the special provision applicable to large companies in regard to the statutory employment rate, our special subsidiary company is strengthening its partnerships with other Group companies in order to offer a wider range of opportunities for people with disabilities to play an active role in society.

Human Resources — Fostering diverse personnel who will make “ a Company that Never Stops Learning ” a reality

In order to respond flexibly to changes in the business environment, we established the Azbil Academy as an organization dedicated to the development of human resources. We cultivate personnel from around the globe who can drive business reorganization on two fronts: work-style reforms and promotion of diversity.

■ Approach to Human Resource Development forSustained Growth

As “a company that never stops learning,” the two approaches of work-style reforms and promotion of diversity are essential to our constant and stable growth and development in response to environmental changes such as globalization. Supporting the positive work-life balance of each and every employee according to their individuality, personal circumstances, and lifestyle is ultimately the driving force behind our organization’s work-style reforms.

■ Global Human Resource Development

All azbil Group companies worldwide work together to develop global leaders. We offer the following training programs, depending on the management level of the employee: (1) manager training in the local language of the Group company, (2) international business training in English (executives candidates are invited from various countries), and (3) business school (attended by CEO/CFO-level executives from each country).

Furthermore, in the year ended March 2018, we strengthened our collaboration with universities inside and outside of Japan in an effort to further promote globalization within the azbil Group. As part of this initiative, Azbil Corporation and our overseas subsidiaries accepted 18 interns from varied backgrounds.

Interns in the azbil Group

Since 1996, the azbil Group has accepted more than 100 interns from abroad. In fiscal year 2017 we accepted interns through Thailand’s Kasetsart University and Chulalongkorn University, Japan’s Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).

※ IAESTE is a non-profit and non-governmental organization for promoting paid internships abroad for science and engineering students.

Interns at Overseas Subsidiaries

Since fiscal year 2016 (ended March 2017), Azbil Production (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has accepted two Nagaoka University of Technology students through Kasetsart University in Thailand on an internship program focused on production line productivity improvements and energy-saving improvements. Our overseas subsidiaries in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and elsewhere are also planning to accept interns in the current fiscal year.

■ Cultivating Diverse Personnel

We define the promotion of diversity as “respecting the individuality of each and every person, putting their attributes to best use, and encouraging them to achieve more through lively participation in work.” To consistently implement this objective, we set up a diversity promotion task force. The task force carries out various activities with the aim of reforming culture and awareness, promoting the participation and advancement of diverse personnel, and supporting a variety of ways of working. These initiatives are collectively referred to as the Azbil Diversity Network, or ADN for short.

ADN Business Training

The ADN’s activities include initiatives for developing the capabilities and promoting the participation of female workers so that they will aspire to a managerial role and develop the mindset and acquire the business skills needed to further their careers. In the fiscal year that ended in March 2018, the ADN hosted events such as lectures by external experts, meetings with other companies for cross-industrial exchange, roundtable seminars, and team-based subcommittee activities.

ADN Forums

We also hold forums to educate department heads and managers about the importance of promoting diversity and the ways in which a diverse workforce can be useful for the company’s business. In addition to lectures by external lecturers, these programs involve the formulation and implementation. These plans aid the transformation of company culture and the fostering of awareness.

■Human Resource Development for the Solutions Business

In fostering personnel for the solutions business based on our policy of“being a long-term partner for the customer and the community,”we are intensifying training related to technology, products, and business skills, and introducing it at a much earlier stage. We have also established a system for recognizing technical professionals in order to nurture top-class engineers and the engineers of the next generation. Those engineers accredited as a“Technical Professional”do supervisory work related to safety and quality.

In addition to these initiatives, in the previous fiscal year we provided training for software engineers and business development engineers with the aim of fostering entrepreneurs who will accelerate business reform.

Software Engineer Training

Since fiscal year 2016, we have provided software engineer training with the goal of cultivating employees capable of developing products that integrate innovative technology (in areas such as the IoT, AI, and big data), expanding our energy management and remote monitoring services using IT infrastructure, and accelerate IT for improving engineering and design. In FY 2017, we upgraded the training content for advanced employees and also added new hires and Group company employees to the program. Over a two-year period, 190 employees have received this training.

Business Development Engineer Training

To contribute to Japan’s industrial development, we launched a business development seminar to foster personnel with the ability to carry on the entrepreneurial spirit of the company founder (who in fact founded three companies, including Azbil, that are still listed today), as well as plan, propose, and create new business models for the medium to long term. In the last fiscal year, the younger generation of azbil Group employees who attended the seminar delivered business proposals on key topics such as AI and the IoT.