Acquisition of ISO45001

Certification has been switched from OHSAS18001 to ISO45001. We strive to improve occupational health and safety performance by meeting the requirements of the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system.

Acquisition of ISO45001

Company name Certified business Certification date
Azbil Corporation
  1. Design/development, manufacture, sales, CONSTRUCTION(ADJUSTMENT), SERVICE(MAINTAINABILITY / INSPECTION / REPAIR), import/export, testing and inspection of the following instruments, equipment and systems:
    1. Control and measurement instruments and systems
    2. Electrical,communication and precision instruments and systems
    3. Air conditioning control instruments and systems
    4. Disaster prevention and security equipment and systems
    5. Optical instruments and systems
    6. Electrical/electronic equipment for medical applications and medical appliances
    7. Treatment equipment and systems for waste water, waste oil and exhaust gas.
  2. Consultation and information services for construction,total management and operation of buildings and facilities.
  3. Consultation for environmental management.
  4. Development and sales of computer software and information services.
  5. Storage and inbound and outbound business of the following instruments :
    (1) Control and measurement instruments
    (2) Electrical,communication and precision instruments
    (3) Consultation for environmental management.
    (4) Disaster prevention and security equipment
  6. Printing and binding product manuals / specifications, inbound and outbound business for storage of Aszville Group catalogs and related document.
2013 March
Headquarters, Shinagawa Business Center, Note1
Fujisawa Technology Center, Shonan Factory
Isehara Factory, Note2

2014 February

  • Yokohama Branch
  • Chubu Regional Division
  • Kansai Regional Division
  • Kyusyu Branch
  • Tokyo Regional Division
  • Chubu Regional Division
  • Kansai Regional Division
  • Kyusyu Regional Division
  • kawara Branch
2015 February
  • Tohoku Branch
  • Higashikanto Branch
  • Kitakanto Branch
  • Mie Branch
  • Chushikoku Branch
  • Tohoku Branch
  • Kitakanto Branch
  • Chiba Branch
  • Yokkaichi Branch
  • Mizushima Service Office
  • Chugoku Branch
2016 March
  • Hokkaido Branch
  • Nagano Branch
  • Hokuriku Branch
  • Ibaragi Branch
  • Joto Service Office
  • Josai Service Office, Note3
  • Tachikawa Service Office
  • Otsuka Office
  • Yamaguchi Branch
  • Hokkaido Branch
  • Tokuyama Branch
  • Ube Branch
2017 January
  • Hadano Distribution Center
  • Tokyo Service Office
  • Jonan Service Office
  • Kasumigaseki Service Office
  • Akita Branch
  • Toyota Branch

2018 January

  • Keihin Branch

Note1: BSC,Tokyo Head Office.

Note2: Isehara Factory was consolidated into the Shonan Factory in June 2019.

Note3: Josai Service Office moved. Nishitokyo Service Office will be Certified in 2021 by our business plans.