Invigorating Local Communities

In conjunction with the revisions to the Essential Goals for the SDGs, the azbil Group has also formulated the “aims” and “key themes” for the initiatives being run under the essential goal of “Implementing community-based social contribution activities across all the azbil Group’s offices with each employee actively participating.” In addition, to facilitate the practice of continuous and systematic activities, the Social Contribution Promotion Office was established in April 2021. Our aim is to contribute “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society, by training every employee to tackle social problems in Japan and overseas with a focus on issues such as preservation of the global environment and how we foster the next generation.


We aim to achieve a sense of solidarity and accomplishment as the azbil Group by establishing a corporate culture that helps individual employees to plan and implement solutions to societal problems and achieve ongoing personal growth, and to participate in initiatives that bring individual employees together with various stakeholders.

Key themes

  • Areas involving the global environment
  • Areas involving people (particularly fostering the next generation)