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CSR Management

Making “human-centered automation” the foundation of azbil’s business activities, azbil implements CSR management that contributes to the sustainable development of society.

As a world-class comprehensive automation manufacturer, we strive for active contributions to an economy, environment, and society that value people, to achieve the sustainable development of our customers and society.

Details of CSR Initiatives

The basic responsibilities the azbil Group shoulders as a member of society are called “basic CSR,” and the value provided to society through business activity and through voluntary contributions is called “proactive CSR.” The azbil Group achieves a balanced approach by fulfilling its social responsibilities in both of these ways.

Basic CSR

Fulfilling our fundamental obligations to society

Creating an environment conducive to compliance

For more detailed information, see “Compliance”

Operation with thorough risk management

For more detailed information, see “Risk Management”

Implementing internal control

For more detailed information, see “internal control”

The Group’s own environmental initiatives

For more detailed information, see “Environmental Initiatives”

Business management that values people

For more detailed information, see “Responsibility to Employees and Partners”

Proactive CSR

Contributing to society though our business operations and voluntary activity that benefits society

Contributing to society though our business operationsy

The azbil Group contributes to society through our unique solutions that combine our own products and services.

For more detailed information, see “Contributing to society though our business operationsy”

Voluntary contributions to society

The azbil Group proactively supports and promotes voluntary contribution to society by employees.

For more detailed information, see Voluntary contributions to society,“azbil Honey Bee Club”,“Shonan International Marathon”

Areas of Focus in CSR Management

CSR Promotion Framework

The azbil Group CSR Promotion Committee was established to promote activity related to corporate social responsibility for the Group as a whole over a broad range of fields. The committee iscomposed of senior management in charge of promoting CSR at individual Group companies and department heads in charge of individual primary issues-related initiatives. The committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of Azbil Corporation, implements initiatives, appraises and analyzes their results, and reports to the management, following a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle.