Azbil Launches an Enhanced Thermal Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Capable of Measuring Flows of 0.5 to 50 mL/min and Adds Functionality to Existing Lineup
-New Model Features Increased Measurement Range, New Function Enables Measurement of Two Liquids with a Single Unit-

TOKYO, May 13, 2019 -- Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6845) today announced that it has enhanced its Thermal Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Model F7M (hereafter, "F7M flow meter") lineup by introducing a model with an increased measurement range of up to 50 mL/min, while improving convenience of existing models by adding new functionality. Sales will start on May 14.

Thermal Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Model F7M

Thermal Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Model F7M

Based on the company's years of experience bringing reliable gas flow meters to market, Azbil originally launched two models of the F7M flow meter in 2017, with one model capable of measuring micro flow rates as low as 0.1 mL/min. The flow meter is minimally susceptible to changes in the liquid’s state, such as bubbles, pulsations, and temperature, and can easily measure a variety of liquids by correcting for a liquid's thermal conductivity.

Since its launch, the F7M flow meter has been used in a wide range of applications including semiconductor cleaning equipment, sterilization equipment, machine tool lubricants, discharge flow of metering pumps and other liquid transfer equipment, and industrial inkjet printers. Azbil launched the new F7M flow meter, which is expected to meet even more diverse needs, in response to market demand due to the limited availability of flow meters that measure flow rates up to 50 mL/min with reproducible results. The extended measurement range will enable users to control micro flow rates and monitor optimal flow in liquid transfer devices and equipment to a greater degree, which can contribute to preventing process failure.

■ Enhancements

  1. Increased measurement range (new model)
    ・New model added to the F7M flow meter lineup features a measurement range of 0.5 to 50 mL/min. (The two existing models feature a measurement range of 0.1 to 10 mL/min and 0.3 to 30 mL/min, respectively.)
  2. Automatic configuration of the flow rate correction factor (all models)
    ・The flow meter itself will calculate and automatically set the correction values (zero point adjustment value and flow rate correction factor) for the liquid during zero point adjustment.
  3. Measurement of two liquids with a single unit (all models)
    ・A single flow meter unit can measure the flow rate of two types of liquids by switching between the respective liquid correction factors upon receiving a digital contact signal from an external device.

A variety of liquids must be measured for liquid dispensers, liquid transfer equipment such as metering pumps, machine tools, and other applications, requiring equipment manufacturers to set the correction factor manually for each liquid. With so many of them looking to simplify that time-consuming task, Azbil enhanced all three models of the F7M flow meter to automatically set the correction factor. This function can be performed through button operation or the flow meter receiving a digital signal from a host device, eliminating the need for specialized knowledge or equipment.

Until now, when a process called for switching between two types of liquids in the same pipe, the receiver had to calculate the correction values for each liquid but with the new enhancements, the F7M flow meter can save correction values for two types of liquids and switch between them by receiving a digital contact signal from a host device, allowing a single unit to measure the flow rate of both liquids.

Guided by the azbil Group philosophy of “human-centered automation,” Azbil is committed to delivering products that satisfy customers’ needs, providing safety, comfort, and fulfillment.

To learn more about the F7M flow meter, please visit the following website.
Thermal Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Model F7M

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