Azbil Releases Reports of the azbil Group’s Latest Research in Automation

TOKYO, Jul. 6, 2020: Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Code: 8645) announced that it released the 2020 edition of “azbil Technical Review,” a selection of technical research reports that focuses on the azbil Group’s research and development, product development, manufacturing technology, and other topics related to the field of automation.

As part of the azbil Group’s fundamental policy of being a long-term partner for the customer and the community by offering solutions based on the Group’s technology and products, azbil Technical Review is released once per year, in the form of articles uploaded to Azbil’s website, to provide information on research results, technology, and solutions. Readers can learn about how the azbil Group’s automation technology aims to solve a wide range of problems faced by customers in their plants, factories, office buildings, homes, and other sites, which is at the core of the Group’s philosophy of “human-centered automation.”

This year’s journal revolves around the theme of “The azbil Group’s Diversity in Its Contributions to Solve Societal Issues” and features five reports that describe diverse research results that can contribute to solving issues faced by customers and society.

azbil Technical Review can be downloaded from the following website.
azbil Technical Review

Featured Reports

  • An Infrared Array Sensor System: Basic Technology for Achieving Human-Centered Smart Buildings
  • Prediction of Cavitation Erosion in Control Valves Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Innovative Production Processes at Azbil’s Mother Factory
  • Model NX-SVG: An IoT Gateway for Multi-vendor Communication
  • Model F7M Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter: Improving Process Quality with High Accuracy Micro Liquid Flow Rate Measurement

Guided by the azbil Group philosophy of “human-centered automation,” Azbil will continue to develop products and systems that will meet customers’ needs and help solve issues faced by society.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.