New high-performance HVAC control valves for the international market:large-diameter models handle large-capacity HVAC and conserve energy

October  24, 2017

TOKYO, Oct. 24, 2017: Azbil Corporation (head office: 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Hirozumi Sone) has added large-diameter (125-150 mm) models of the ACTIVAL +(Actival Plus) motorized two-way valve with flow measurement control to its HVAC control valve lineup for the international building systems market. Sales of the new models have started on September 22.

Particularly in South East Asia, it is popular that larger zoning is applied in the building, like office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls. So large-volume HVAC equipment is needed in the market. To meet the needs of large-volume HVAC equipment, Azbil has added large-diameter models. And ACTIVAL + have a flow calculation function that enables customer to realize both comfort and energy savings, by controlling the amount of hot and cold water even if the different pressure fluctuation occurs in valves. And also our valves have a temperature measurement function that provides data of the quantity of heat used by each HVAC unit.
For the international market, ACTIVAL + also supports Modbus™, one of the industry standard communications protocol.

ACTIVAL series control valves offer superior control and reliability, and are shipped approximately 50,000 units per year. ACTIVAL +, the high-end version of the ACTIVAL series designed for the international market, is particularly effective in achieving net zero energy buildings (ZEB) as well as conserving energy for building HVAC. With this large-diameter ACTIVAL + models, Azbil plans to increase its sale of motorized two-way HVAC valves, especially in Southeast Asia.

Not only in Southeast Asia, ACTIVAL + is also used in Beijing skyscrapers. Through aggressive sales efforts centered on large-scale office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, and other structures, Azbil expects to achieve 100 million yen in sales of the ACTIVAL + series in the first year.

In keeping with the azbil Group's corporate philosophy of "human-centered automation," Azbil provides products and services that enhance the value of buildings by providing comfort and energy savings.

ACTIVAL and ACTIVAL + are trademarks of Azbil Corporation.
Modbus is a trademark and the property of Schneider Electric SE, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

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