Building Management System

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Easy Operation through Web Browser Interface

As the client PC interface is the most widely used web-browser, Internet Explorer (IE), operation is very easy.

  • savic-net™FX offers an easy-to-use simple GUI.
  • Almost any type of computer can be used for remote monitoring.
  • You can readily start remote monitoring using mobile computers.

Increased Efficiency with Paperless Data Management

The Alarm Dashboard function and the PDF-export capability dispense with special-purpose printers and save you troubles of changing ink, supplying paper, and fixing paper-jam.

  • Alarm Dashboard electrically displays alarms and messages as printed by a message printer.
  • Messages are displayed on the occasion of alarm/recovery, operation, and other changes in system status.
  • You can always see the latest messages and easily search for the past records.
  • You can export and store the accumulated data in an electronic form, sparing room for filing.
  • Documents are saved as PDF files instead of printing. By electrically filing, you can save time and cost for printing.
  • Now that no message-only printer or logging printer are needed, labor in maintenance and cost for ink and paper are to be decreased.

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