Infilex™AC AHU Controller

Infilex™AC is a DDC (direct digital control) controller for AHU (air handling unit). It can be placed in a small place such as an AHU control panel.


Infilex™AC is equipped with inputs and outputs suitable for AHU control, and its software can be freely edited in response to the applications.
In terms of operation, Infilex AC can be operated with an end-user terminal (Neopanel / Neoplate) or an operator interface (Operator Panel) in response to various situations.
Besides, it performs advanced control and management by communicating with center unit of savic-net™FX BMS (Azbil Corporation's building management system) through our proprietary protocol NC-bus or LonTalk® protocol. Infilex AC integrated into BMS enables autonomous control since Infilex AC itself has the time scheduling function.

Infilex AC NC-bus


Infilex AC LonTalk


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