PARAMATRIX™4 Pump/Chiller Controller

PARAMATRIX™4 is a Direct Digital Controller (DDC) specifically designed only for sequential control of heating/cooling units of building HVAC (heating, ventilation, air- conditioning) systems.

Components Description
Basic module Basic module serves as control unit for PARAMATRIX™4. It receives data from heating/cooling system equipment through the I/O modules and controls the number of operating pumps / chillers and the pump pressure. The basic module calculates/operates the received data and outputs the results to the heating/cooling system equipment through the I/O modules.
By connecting PARAMATRIX 4 with BMS network, heating/cooling system control is monitored through the BMS client PC.
I/O modules I/O modules are the input/output sections of the PARAMATRIX 4 and communicate with the basic module. The basic module supplies power to the I/O modules.
OI The optional OI is a PARAMATRIX 4 display-setting device having the following features
  • Adopts color touch-panel LCD.
  • Controls access levels classified with password.
  • Serves as a parameter-setting device for service personnel.
  • Indicates power supplying status, alarm, and shutdown due to power failure using its LED.

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