Ceiling Mounted Sensor

Ceiling Mounted Sensor is a temperature / humidity sensor designed to be used with electronic controllers.

TY7301 Ceiling Mount Temperature Sensor

  • Minimizes impact on interior design and maximizes interior space.
  • Fits well on a ceiling with the thin, square, and simple body.
  • Mountable on various types of ceilings such as steel ceiling panel and acoustic ceiling board.
  • Ensures flexibility of interior layout compared to wall-mount type temperature sensor.
  • Available to mount and perform maintenance in an interior space.

HTY7033 / TY7033 Ceiling Mounted Sensor

  • Wide sensing range.
  • Excellent long term stablility.
  • Highly resistant to environment.
  • Quick response and high repeatability.
  • Easy installation on the "double T bar" of the narrow opening of system ceiling.

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