Calculation Unit

Model WTY8000A is the calculation and display unit of the energy meter.

The calculation unit in combination with the thermal sensor and the electromagnetic flow meter functions as the energy meter for chilled/hot water. The platinum resistance temperature detector Model TY7840 (two detectors/set) is used for the thermal sensor, and the electromagnetic flow meter MagneW™ 3000 series is used for the flow meter.
Basic function of this energy meter is measurement and integration of the energy consumed by the HVAC piping system.
(Thermal unit is J (joule).) The energy meter is thus suitable for heating/cooling energy management of the building chiller plant system or air conditioning unit.

HVAC: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

High visibility:

Full graphic LCD with two display modes enhances the visibility.

CompactFlash™ (CF) memory card:

Collected data (energy consumption, flow, temperature) are saved in CSV format into the CF memory card.

Trend graphs:

30 minute period data of the instantaneous energy consumption, instantaneous flow, supply water temperature, and return water temperature for 24 hours are graphed out.

Energy demand:

30-minute moving average data of the energy demand and the maximum energy demand are displayed and recorded in CSV format. Besides, the setpoint excess alarm and excess time (period during the energy demand being over the setpoint) are displayed and recorded in CSV format.

CSV: comma-separated values
LCD: liquid crystal display

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