Cost & Energy Saving

Diversity in Laboratories

Exhaust and air supply volumes can be economized, as fume hood's face velocity is automatically controlled to a low level when a zone presence sensor detects the sash left open unattended for a certain period of time. By optimizing air-conditioning capacity in consideration of the rate of concurrent operations of more than one fume hoods, the initial facility costs can be greatly saved even taking the design margin into account.

Manifold Type Duct Design

The adoption of a manifold type duct design allows installation of the minimum number of fan scrubbers and therewith installation cost is reduced. In addition, future extension and modification will be facilitated.

Flexible Facility

The adoption of a manifold type duct design facilitates renewal, extension, relocation, and change in use of ducts. Pressure independent type airflow volume control valves permit placement almost anywhere and eliminate re-balancing after installation.

Cost & Energy Saving

The introduction of an airflow system that is capable of changing air flow rates depending on fume hoods' operation rate and human existence allows a drastic reduction in fan energy consumption as well as in heat source energy consumption for heating and cooling of fresh air intaken from outside.