Safety & Comfort

Gas Containment Performance

Infilex™VN Venturi Valve for Constant Air Volume control exhaust air volume precisely and swiftly at a response speed of one second or less in accordance with the opening of the fume hood sash, maintaining the fume hood face velocity to 0.5m/s and thus containing gases in the fume hood.

Prevention of Diffusion from Contaminated Areas

The room pressurization is constantly kept negative with respect to adjoining areas by maintaining the offset air volume ,the difference between the total exhaust air volume and the supply air volume. Infilex™VN Venturi Valve for Constant Air Volume ensures highly precise, rapid responses.

Credibility and Stability of Research Environment

Unaffected by fume hoods usage, closing and opening of the doors, and fluctuations in static pressures in the ducts, fume hood's face velocity and room pressure are maintained precisely, thereby ensuring fume hood containment and preventing gas diffusion.

Comfortable Air-conditioning

The exhaust and air supply volumes are optimally determined with considerations given to various factors including exhaust volumes of local exhaust systems, the laboratory's minimum ventilation amount, the required air supply volume for air-conditioning purposes, and air balance in the laboratory. This enables both energy saving and comfortable air-conditioning at the same time.