Safe and Comfortable Environment

Ventilated Cage Rack

Ventilated cage racks prevent cross-contamination.

Duct Connection of Rack Supply and Exhaust

Exhaust and air supply ducts for cage racks are connected to the main duct (the building's duct system), through which heat and metabolic products from animals are discharged directly outside. As the exhaust from the racks is not discharged into the room, offensive odors are reduced.

Cage Rack Pressurization

Pressures in the racks are constantly kept positive (or negative) to the atmospheric pressure of the rearing room with high precision control of exhaust and supply air volumes.

Room Pressurization

Infilex™VN Venturi Valves for Constant Air Volume regulate air supply and exhaust volumes precisely. Pathogens and odors are effectively contained by keeping the atmospheric pressure in the rearing room positive (or negative) irrespective of disturbance of the air from external causes.