Lumine Kitasenju

Customer's remark

We have great expectations for the system as it brings about a reduction in costs while maintaining quality of our service. It also enables compliance with laws and regulations including the Energy Conservation Law and Ordinance for Environmental Health and Safety or ISO Environmental Standard.

Sales points

  • Through combination of facility improvement / repair and more effective operation, energy conservation can be realized without environmental losses.
    (Enhanced energy efficiency, optimization of air-conditioning settings, more effective facility operation, and grasp of detailed data concerning energy usage by BEMS.)

Key points in installation work

It took one full month to fine-tune the system to maximize the energy conservation effect. All the parties concerned kept close coordination by holding regular meetings to exchange information and share problems, resulting in a better performance.

The exterior of the building

The exterior of the building



Energy conservation effect

Annual energy consumption (GJ/ year)

Comparison between before and after the facility installation

Before facility installation (the reference values)
Electricity [kWh] Gas [Nm³]
Total by item 14,796,400 900,044
Primary energy consumption(GJ/year) 145,448.6 41,402
Total 186,851
Energy consumption basic unit(MJ/m³·year) 5,037
After facility installation (the measured or estimated values)
Electricity [kWh] Gas [Nm³]
Total by item 12,317,484 702,455
Primary energy consumption(GJ/year) 121,080 32,313
Total 153,393
Energy consumption basic unit(MJ/m³·year) 4,135

Facility specifications

Contract demand 3,600kW Air-conditioning facilities absorption water chiller-heater
Stories 10 stories Refrigerating capacity 500RT x 3, 100RT x 2
Total floor area 37,097.1m² Total floor area 13,550MJ/h
Receiving voltage 22,000V Type of air-conditioning single duct system, packaged air conditioner

Energy conservation measures

Control of fresh-air intake through air conditioner Volume of fresh-air to be taken in is judged based on the CO2 concentration in the air inside of the building.
Introduction of inverter-controlled air conditioning fan Inverter controller was installed in air conditioners, enabling variable airflow control.
Fluctuation control of temperature setting Automatic temperature settings for both off-time and busy time are moderated.
Control of water pressure in secondary cool water pump Inverter controller was installed in the pump, enabling variable water flow control and optimal adjustment of differential pressure by regulating valves.
Optimal number of cold- and hot-water generators in operation The number of cold- and hot-water generators in operation is kept optimal according to calorimetric assays.
Automatic on/off of guide lights at stairs Guide lights at stairs are automatically turned on/off by human occupation sensors.

Fund raising and subsidies

Fund : self-financing
Subsidies : Project for Promoting the Rationalization of Energy Use

Contract type and contract period

Guaranteed-savings contract / 3 years