Energy Management

Energy Management Service

The service to propose the solution for optimization of energy usage, facility operation, and energy procurement in commercial buildings and factory buildings by making the best use of BEMS functions.

Energy management service based on BOFD (Building Optimization Fault Detection Diagnosis) supported by BEMS is provided together with system maintenance service as part of "Total Energy Management Service" service. No companies but Azbil Corporation fully equipped with infrastructure like Dataware Center and High level technical support center, a great deal of expertise, and work force, can offer this kind of service.

Energy management service based on BOFD supported by BEMS

BOFD offers diagnosis of the current state and appropriateness of energy usage and room conditions based on the BEMS data. And when something satisfactory is discovered, we propose solutions for improvement in energy usage and room conditions through optimization of control / operation of the system or fication / repair of the facility.