Control Motor
Model ECM3000


CE(24 Vac power supply only), UL(24 Vac power only, with some exceptions)

The ECM3000 Control Motor can be used to control a variety of industrial devices.
There are two types: one with a 90° angle of rotation for burner control, and one with a 160° angle of rotation for hot/cold water and steam control valves. Models are available for three types of input signal: relay contacts, 4–20 mA DC, and potentiometer.
The supply voltage can be selected from AC 24 V, 100 V, and 200 V, and among the 4–20 mA DC input signal models, a model that accepts a wide range of 85–264 V AC supply power is also available. As a standard feature, the control motor comes with a bracket for easy replacement of our previous model of control motor.

Robust die-cast aluminum case

Long-life parts are used in the motor, including the feedback potentiometer and bearings.

Input can be selected from 3 types (depending on the model)

Relay contact, 4–20 mA DC, or potentiometer input.
Models with 90° rotation are equipped with a pointer showing the amount of rotation and labels for indicating the direction of rotation.
As an option, the motor can be equipped with four auxiliary switches.

Excellent environmental resistance equivalent to IP54 waterproofing

Mounting bracket (standard accessory) for replacement of our previous motor

Selection of 90° or 160° rotation model to suit the application

Output torque of 12.5 N·m

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