Power Controllers
Model PU21_/PU23_

The PU21 Single-phase Power Controller and PU23 Three-phase Power Controller accept input from a 4-20 mA DC signal, a manual setting device (PU20VR10), and other methods. The control method can be switched between phase control and zero-cross control by means of external contacts, communication, etc. Types of phase control include constant voltage, constant current, and constant power, in addition to the basic type (no feedback), each of which can be selected according to the characteristics of the applicable heater.

Extensive product lineup

Power control methods include basic, constant voltage, constant current, and constant power. Frequency-division control is supported. An appropriate model can be selected according to the characteristics of the applicable heater. The PU21/23 Series of power controllers covers a wide range of current ratings from 10 to 500 A and a wide range of voltage ratings from 100 to 440 V AC (200–440 V AC in the case of PU23).

Abundant options for expansion of functions

Options include heater burnout alarm and current restrictions. A communication function (RS-485/Modbus) is available if a model with a setting and display unit is selected.

6-arm control (PU23 only)

The PU23 Three-phase Power Controller uses 6-arm control as a standard feature, making it capable of stable control performance even with transformer primary side control. It is also effective in reducing even harmonics.

Visualization of heater control by programless communication

By using PU21/23 power controllers in combination with the CMC15G communication controller (sold separately), it is possible to programlessly communicate with host devices such as a PLC. By transferring data such as output voltage, output current, output power, and heater resistance, it is easy to "visualize" heater control.

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