Control Valves for Specific uses(e.g., anticorrosion, power plant applications, etc.)

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Document Name Model No. Document No. Download
Industrial Control Valves Selection Guide AGVB, AGVM, ADVB, ADVM, HLS, HTS, HCB, VFR, AVP CA2-8000 Download

Product Specification Sheet

Document Name Model No. Document No. Download
Special-Purpose Valve Model EGVD/EAVD Prevention Cage Control Valve EGVD, EAVD SS2-EGV100-0004 Download
Special-Purpose Valve Multistage Pressure-Reduction Control Valve EGVM, EAVM SS2-EGV100-0001 Download
Special-Purpose Valve Low-Noise Control Valve with Built-In Pilot Plug EGVT SS2-EGV100-0002 Download
Corrosion-/Abrasion-Resistant Type Valves HIC SS2-8193-0300 Download
Corrosion-Resistant PTFE Body Control Valves HIT SS2-8193-0200 Download
Corrosion-Resistant Type Small Size Ceramic Valves HMC SS2-8193-0310 Download
Weir Diaphragm Control Valves VDD SS2-8110-0530 Download
Rigid PVC/Polypropylene Body Single-Seated Control Valve VNP SS2-8190-0100 Download
Bubble-Tight Butterfly Control Valves [Rubber Seat] VBS SS2-8110-3300 Download
BIOBATCH Valves VSB SS2-8190-0500 Download

User's Manual or Instrumentation Document

Document Name Model No. Document No. Download
Ceramic Control Valves HIC OM2-8193-0300 Download
Corrosion-Resistant Teflon Control Valve HIT OM2-8193-0200 Download
Weir-Type Diaphragm Control Valve VDD OM2-8110-0530 Download
Corrosion-Resistant Single-Seated Control Valve Manufactured from Hard PVC or Polypropylene VNP OM2-8190-0100 Download

E-Book(Flash format)

Document Name
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