Multi-Loop Controller with Multifunction Display
Model C7G



For use with semiconductor-manufacturing and food-processing equipment, among others, we have developed new controllers, model C7G/C7S, that maintains a consistent temperature within a loop.
In spite of its compact frame, the C7G/C7S control as many as four systems simultaneously.
For superior usability, the display unit is separable from the main unit and features a touch panel color LCD for ease of use and high visibility.
In addition, we have developed a health index function*1 that uses sensing data and control signal (M.V.) amplitude to quantify changes in control loop behavior. This provides advance warning of equipment problems, allowing timely preventative maintenance.

*1 Diagnostic indicator for prediction or detection of production equipment failure.

Products Introduction Video

>Products Introduction Video

Feature1: Excellent usability

We developed the hardware from the user’s viewpoint in order to achieve a high level of usability.

  • Better usability and readability of display
  • Separable structure
  • Screwless-clamp terminal block

Feature2: Seamless coordination with other equipment maximizes value

Ethernet as a standard interface provides high-speed communication with a variety of devices. RS-485 is also a standard feature, allowing improved flexibility in network construction. A PLC link function, which provides an easy Ethernet connection with Mitsubishi Electric’s PLC, is also available.


Feature3: Diagnostic and management information for problem-solving

The advanced C7G/C7S, in addition to faster and more reliable process control, is capable of detecting warning signs of trouble with connected equipment through the use of its data-processing technology.

  • Faster speed
  • Compact data storage
  • Data processing

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