Network Instrumentation Modules


CE (Excluding NX-CL1/CR1/TR1), cUL (Excluding NX-CL1/CR1/TR1),
KC (Excluding NX-CL1/CR1/TR1)

Network Instrumentation Modules are multichannel controllers with Ethernet connectivity (MODBUS/TCP). Start up the PLC, touch panel, and sensors along with the system via Ethernet connection.

In addition to controllers, the lineup includes a wide variety of module types, including digital I/O modules and pulse counters. Each module can be connected to the Ethernet individually. An engineering tool (SLP-NX) that enables collective setting of all channels and collective monitoring is also available.

Products Introduction Video

Products Introduction Video

Ethernet connectivity

High-speed communication with other devices is possible via Ethernet as a standard feature. Connection to a PLC can be made directly with the MODBUS/TCP master function, without using a data converter. Genuine distributive control is achieved with savings on wire and distribution of functions.

Optimal cooperative control among multiple channels

Multichannel cooperative control is achieved among modules by a supervisor module.

Collective setting, collective monitoring

The configuration tool is also equipped with Ethernet connectivity, enabling collective management of channel settings and monitoring, thereby increasing engineering efficiency.

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