Paperless Recorders
Model ARF100/ARF200


User-friendly ARF100/ARF200 series paperless recorders come equipped with various recording formats and display functions.
These Ethernet-capable recorders offer 100 ms high-speed data acquisition and a high precision of +/- 0.1 %. With standard features that include a USB port and CF card slot, ARF100/ARF200 paperless recorders are ready for use in a variety of fields. Uses include not only recording, but also remote monitoring, sending of e-mail alerts in the event of an emergency, automatic data transmission, and distributed remote measurement.

Features of the ARF100

Superior usability (loaded with functions easy enough to use without the manual)

  • Operation and configuration were designed with consideration for ease of use.
  • Large-capacity data memory
  • Files can be read via the USB port

Various recording functions (high-speed data acquisition and multiple recording/computing functions)

  • High-speed, high-precision recording of up to 12 input point
  • Various recording methods are possible
  • Data storage formats can be selected
  • Text can be inserted on the display

Full network functionality (remote monitoring of collected data and data management)

  • Standard LAN (Ethernet) support enables various applications, including remote monitoring
  • Various functions can be realized over the network

Features of the ARF200

12.1 inch vivid TFT color LCD display

Large capacity data memory and various storage formats

Touch panel for improved operability

LAN environment support

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