Burner ControllerModel AUR255

Burner controller is a combustion safety con troller specifically designed for batch operation (for systems that start and stop at least once in a 24-hour period).
It automatically and safely ignites gas and oil burners using the correct ignition sequence. This device is to be used with the AUD100/110/120 advanced ultraviolet flame detector or with a flame rod.
The front of the unit provides a 7-segment LED display to show the flame voltage and the current sequence stage. Also from the front panel users can access a communication function that is convenient for maintenance and trouble shooting and an event function.
The 7-segment LED display shows not only the normal operating sequence and flame voltage, but also the sequence code and alarm code alternately in the event of an alarm, allowing users to easily view alarm details.
The communication function can be used to read out basic information such as the status of input/output and the operating history, alarm history, and other internal infor mation, which is useful for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

Safety standard certification (pending)

EN 298 compliance (certification pending)

Ignition sequence

The ignition trial time can be selected from 2.5 s, 4.5 s, 9.0 s, and 13.5 s.

Ease of instrumentation and handling

Designed for compactness, so little installation space is needed.
Wires connect to the sub-base, so the unit is easy to install/remove.
The flame monitor output and alarm output contacts are available as semiconductor output and relay output, respectively.
External reset input provides the ability to reset from a control panel.

Multifunction display

The 7-segment LED display is useful for maintenance and troubleshooting, helping to identify operation progress, alarm codes, and event codes. In addition, flame detection and alarm activation can be checked visually with LED indicators.

*Conforms to JIS B 8415:2020 and JIS C 9730-2-5. CE(EN298)certification pending.

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