Pressure Switch
Model C6097A


Model C6097A gas pressure switch is a pressure detector for city gas, natural gas, LP gas, air, etc.
This product controls the ON/OFF status of an external electric circuit according to the set values.
This product can be widely used to detect the upper and lower pressure limits of gas or air that is supplied to gas combustion equipment, burner blower interlock, clogged filters.
A switch-operated indicator lamp is available as an auxiliary part (sold separately).
This product conforms to CE/JIS standards.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be installed either vertically or horizontally. For details,
  • Can be used for differential and negative pressures (air only)
  • Easy pressure setting and transparent cover for easy viewing
  • This product conforms to JIS C 9730 2-6 / CE standards. (EN1854, EN60730-2-6)

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