Elliptical Throat FlowmeterModel SDR11F

This flowmeter has a tapered elliptical constriction in the flow path which is used to measure the flow rate by finding the differential pressure between the constriction and the preceding part of the flow path. The structure of the pressure inlet and differential pressure detection sections from which the differential pressure is extracted are highly resistant to clogging by deposition or slurry. Accordingly, the flowmeter can be used for a variety of fluids including liquid, slurry, gas, steam, and solid-gas two-phase fluid containing powder, etc.

This is an energy-efficient differential pressure flowmeter with minimal pressure loss. It helps to reduce carbon dioxide in industrial plants.

Smooth flow

The constriction has a half-elliptical shape whose front and rear sections are smooth and streamlined, with nothing to impede the flow. The result is highly accurate and stable output with high repeatability.

Low pressure loss

Pressure loss is approximately 8 to 50 % of the generated differential pressure, which is smaller (1/2 to 1/4 at the same throttling ratio) than that of an orifice. Accordingly the flowmeter loses little energy, allowing the use of a smaller power source.

Quick response

This flowmeter is highly responsive, which allows follow-up even when the fluid is pulsating (up to 1 Hz).

Compatible with wide a range of fluids

The pressure inlet has a larger diameter (10–14 mm) than the standard orifice. Due to this large diameter, which does not cause clogging, the flowmeter delivers stable measurement even with fluid containing adhesives or solid substances. Use in combination with 1/2B remote transmitter provides instrumentation without a connecting tube.

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