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Smart Electromagnetic FlowmeterMagneW™ 3000 PLUS+ seriesDetector (Open Channel type) Model NNK


This is a volumetric immersible electromagnetic flowmeter that applies Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction to measure flow. It is ideal for use with liquids and slurries having a conductivity above a certain value. There is absolutely no pressure loss. Immersible electromagnetic flowmeters are installed in open channels and culverts for measuring drainage and for total volume control.

Excellent for total volume control drainage measurement.

The housing is made of hard polyvinyl chloride for excellent long-term durability.

Immune to the effects of temperature, pressure, density and viscosity of the fluid.

Converter data settings can be changed using an infrared touchscreen, eliminating the need to open the lid.

Instantaneous %, instantaneous flow rate, and totalized flow can be displayed at the same time.

Parameter settings can be changed and self-diagnosis can be executed remotely using a smart communicator or a HART®375 or 475 communicator.

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