Gas mass flow meter
Model CMS_ _ _ _


Compact design

Model CMS_ _ _ _ can be used anywhere, as an equipment component or on a desk. Thanks to a unique rectifying technology, an upstream straight pipe length is not needed. This flow meter can also be installed on piping with no space, such as having an elbow right before the flow meter.


High rangeability

This flow meter can measure and display as little as 1/100 of the maximum flow range. In the past, it was necessary to use multiple flow meters for different flow rate ranges, but typically a few model CMS_ _ _ _ flow meters can cover the needed ranges.


Digital display

Accurate flow management is made possible by a digital display.


Enhanced functions

  • Various ways of connecting to piping
  • Analog output
  • Totalizer pulse output
  • Event output
  • Communication function


Furnace gas flow management

  • Atmospheric gas flow rate management in furnaces
    • -Since model CMS_ _ _ _ flow meters have low pressure loss, they can measure and manage atmospheric gases supplied at low pressure.
    • - Mass flow measurement is not affected by ambient temperature fluctuations.
    • -Various atmospheric gases can be measured by the model CMS_ _ _ _, because model CMS_ _ _ _ supports the measurement of various industrial gases.
  • Combustion gas flow management
    • - Useful for managing combustion gas and for making adjustments to save energy and improve air-fuel ratio.

Flow measurement and management of gas analyzers, air samplers, etc.

  • - The model CMS_ _ _ _ flow meter can measure and adjust the amount of carrier gas without being affected by the ambient temperature.
  • - The totalizer makes it easy to grasp the amount of air and gas flow.

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