Mass Flow Sensor
Model MCS100


    Can measure mass flow rate according to the standard condition (20℃, 1 atm) of gas without temperature nor pressure compensation.


    Small and light weight which can be installed wherever, it’s suited for a variety of flow measurements in such as laboratory and various industry applications.
    (33.5 x 10.5 x 17.0 mm, just 9g, without cable)


    Fast response time : 5ms


    Bidirectional flow range


    Low power consumption: 12mA max. at 24Vdc


    Free mounting position and not required straight piping length

Measurement flow range line-up


One-way flow range

    MCS100A104 : 0 to 3L/min
    MCS100A112 : 0 to+500mL/min
    MCS100A116 : 0 to 5L/min
    MCS100A120 : 0 to 10L/min

Bidirectional flow range

    MCS100A100 : -3 to +3 L/min
    MCS100A108 : -500 to +500mL/min
    MCS100A128 : -10 to +10L/min

Construction specification

  • Material
    Parts contacted to gas : PPS resin, Ceramic (printed wiring board), Brass (piping connection)
    Cover : PC resin
  • Piping connection : M5 female (brass insertion)
  • Operating temperature range : 0 to 50℃
  • Operating pressure range : -70 to 200kPa
  • Pressure resistance : 300kPa

Typical applications

Control of suction flow rate in air volume samplers, gas detectors, etc.


- Measures the mass flow rate intake of the pump without effects from temperature fluctuation or changes in atmospheric pressure.
- Operates on battery power on handheld equipment.

Control or monitoring of supply flow rate for oxygen concentrators, etc.


- Useful for control of oxygen flow rate from compressor, without effects from fluctuation in room temperature or altitude.
- Useful for replacing from a float meter.

Monitoring of purge rate or cooling flow rate for wire bonders, etc.


- Measures flow rate of air supplied to eliminate heat haze.
- Measures flow rate of nitrogen supplied to prevent oxidation.
- Useful for replacing from a float meter or pressure gauge.

Pick-up and placement detection of miniature electrical or optical devices.

- Can be installed close to the pick-up nozzle.
- Fast response is suitable for pick-up detection.
- Measures slight differences in flow rate which cannot be detected by pressure.
- Not affected by fluctuation in suction pressure, thanks to mass flow measurement.
- Clogged or crushed nozzle is detectable by analog output.



Multi channel indicator model MCW401


Designed for remotely display unit with up to 4pcs MCS100.
It also produces open collector switch output.
Additionally, by means of RS-232C communication, PC or PLC can be used to set parameter and to view instantaneous flow value and switch status of each channel. 4 types of “Window comparator mode” suitable for pick-up & placing applications and “Hysteresis mode” suitable for general flow monitoring, as switching operation.

Model MCW401 can be applied with below MCS100 models.

    - MCS100A100, MCS100A104, MCS100A108, MCS100A112, MCS100A120, MCS100A128

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