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Smart Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeter ULTRA Vortexor Model VRX10A_

This flowmeter detects vortex generation by detecting a phase difference in ultrasonic waves by means of two pairs of ultrasonic wave sensors on the exterior of the detector. It is ideal for liquid flow rate measurement applications that requires high accuracy. With its high sensitivity and reliability, the ULTRA Vortexor Smart Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeter is attracting attention as an ideal replacement for conventional differential pressure flowmeters.

Ultrasonic wave sensing

The vortex generator inside the detector generates a Karman vortex in the fluid. The frequency of the generated vortex is proportional to the flow velocity. The ULTRA Vortexor detects the vortex by means of a phase difference in the ultrasonic waves and thus measures the flow velocity. Compared to conventional vortex flowmeters using a piezo element, the ULTRA Vortexor has higher vortex detection sensitivity and is virtually unaffected by piping vibration.

Dual sensor design

Since the velocity at which ultrasonic waves propagate fluctuates depending on the temperature, measurement by just a single sensor cannot ensure good temperature characteristics. The ULTRA Vortexor is designed to eliminate this problem by using two pairs of sensors. Its reliability has been significantly enhanced by applying cross-sensing technology.

Vortex detection at high sensitivity

The use of dual sensors also improves vortex detection sensitivity. Since Karman vortices weaken in the low flow rate range, conventional vortex flowmeters can measure flow rates down to 0.3 m/s, but the ULTRA Vortexor can measure flow rates down to 0.1 m/s.

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