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Immersion Type Liquid Level Transmitter
Model JTL32_/JTL33_

The immersion type liquid level transmitter is a high-precision pressure-based liquid level transmitter that is installed by simply immersing it. Pressure is detected by a compound semiconductor sensor with a proven track record for excellent reproducibility and stability.

No Installation Necessary

Installation of the level transmitter is achieved by simply submerging it in the liquid to be measured. It is ideal for reservoirs, sludge tanks, raw sewage tanks, dams, rivers or sea water inlets.

Wide Measuring Range

Two different models cover a wide measuring range of 0 to 70 meters of liquid depth.

No AC Power Supply Needed

Driven solely by a DC power source, the level transmitter saves on costly cabling and installation.

Lightning Protection

Each detector, junction box and power supply cabinet includes a lightning arrester as standard equipment. It can be used safely where thunder-storms are frequent.

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