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Displacement Type Level Transmitter
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This level transmitter is ideal for liquid level measurement and stable interface measurement in severe conditions such as high temperature, ultralow temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, or low span. It is useful especially in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and electrical power fields.
The transmitter utilizes a combination of angle sensor and microprocessor to deliver high reliability and easy operation, contributing to better productivity and easier maintenance.

Multi-vendor compatibility for easy and economical upgrades

Preparing a multi-vendor compatible process interface allows easy upgrades of all types of existing displacement type level transmitters using the existing chamber. So economic upgrades with lower chamber-related costs, including construction costs, are now a reality. The wide operating temperature range of -196 to 400 °C covers all potential markets.

High reliability

We created a highly reliable design by employing a torque tube and an angle sensor in the level detection unit, both of which are technologies that we have gradually built up over the years. In addition to innovative vibration resistance, which is 60 times that of our conventional flowmeters, this flowmeter also offers superb temperature characteristics and long-term stability.

Easy operation

By using a microprocessor to make the flowmeter "smart," operations such as zero/span adjustment, setting a different specific gravity, and self-diagnosis are easily accomplished from a remote location by using the setup device. These adjustments can also be made from the flowmeter itself using a single screwdriver without opening the cover. A digital indicator shows the liquid level and output on an easily readable display.

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