Malware Sensor VISUACT™-V

Easily installed anywhere

  • VISUACT-V is easily installed at any time by simply connecting it to the desired network.
  • It has no effect on network communications.
  • Never requires installation of software on individual network nodes.

Catches any malware *1

  • Effective on both new and previously known malware. It is also effective against zero-day attacks.
  • Detects and issues notifications of network searching,*2 intrusion,*3 and infection*4 by malware
  • Internally traps malware that has entered VISUACT-V and never lets it go.
  • In conjuncttion with commercial antivirus software, judges whether the trapped malware is a known variety.

*1: This is our conclusion after investigation.
*2: Network searching refers to attempts by malware from inside or outside the network to collect information regarding network nodes, etc.
*3: Malware intrusion into VISUACT-V.
*4: This refers to a situation in which malware has intruded into VISUACT-V and launches behavior intended to transmit infection to other network nodes.

Early stage countermeasures for unknown malware

  • Malware that has been caught in VISUACT-V can be extracted safely for further analysis and samples can be submitted to cybersecurity agencies for countermeasures.
  • VISUACT-V contributes to the cybersecurity of society as a whole.

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