Pharmaceutical Ingredient ProductionBatch Control SystemHarmonas-DEO™

Harmonas-DEO is an operation management and equipment control system used in pharmaceutical production plants for synthetic drugs, cultivated drugs, injectable drugs, and eye drops.

GMP/FDA/GAMP-compliant integrated engineering environment

  • Supports engineering tasks of all varieties and timelines from system design to software production.
  • Powerful design support tool that creates an optimal environment for computer validation.

Batch control package (BatchSuite) compliant with international standards

  • Flexible and powerful batch package that conforms to international standards (ISA S88).
  • Streamlining of CIP/SIP and other tasks.

Information integration platform

  • Stores diverse types of information in a relational database. Provides potent and streamlined, integrated backup of plant information.

Flexible and open system configuration

  • Uses an open network (Ethernet) to directly connect sequencers (PLCs) to the control network to achieve integrated management.

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