Advanced Critical Trend Monitoring for SafetyACTMoS™

At manufacturing sites where hazardous materials are handled, such as in the oil and petrochemical industries, operation safety management and maintenance activities to reduce risk are taken very seriously. Nevertheless, many explosions and fires occur every year all over the world, resulting in the loss of human life, environmental damage, and economic loss. By way of prevention, three elements are necessary: (1) Perception, which means that operators in the control room are properly notified of events and warning signs; (2) Comprehension, which means that the operators must understand what is happening; and (3) Projection, which means the operators can foresee what will happen next. Correct decision making and proper responses can take place only on the basis of correct situation awareness by the operators. It is extremely important in particular to predict situations that are critical to plant operation. This might be, for example, a situation in which an emergency shutdown system needs to be activated or a situation where an explosion is highly likely to occur because a pressure vessel has reached its design limit. A team operation support system, which notifies all staff in the control room of a critical situation and allows them to work together as a team to respond to such situations, is now being upgraded.

ACTMoS™ (Advanced Critical Trend Monitoring for Safety) is Azbil's plant safety management product for the global market. It is a software application that is independent of the DCS. ACTMoS automatically monitors important process variables and predicts their future behavior. If it judges that any trend will reach a critical value (at which safety devices are designed to activate), ACTMoS issues a critical alarm and notifies all staff working in the control room of the predicted value, together with the trend data and the predicted time, in order to prevent serious accidents and minimize the potential damage.

ACTMoS is a DCS-independent software application that uses the OPC-DA communication protocol to boost safety monitoring in all types of manufacturing environments.

Note: ACTMoS is especially valuable because it is independent of the DCS. That means that on sites where DCS alarm management is not adopted widely, operators and staff working in the control room will be notified of alarms issued by ACTMoS without fail and can respond to them in critical situations even if numerous DCS alarms are being issued.

ACTMoS automatically collects data on important process variables that require monitoring and generates an autoregressive model based on the collected data in order to predict future trends. Thus it does not require a modeling design or structural engineering details for each variable being monitored.

For the important process variables being monitored, ACTMoS recognizes predicted trends indicating a critical management value will be reached, and immediately and automatically outputs the trend to a large-sized display, notifying operators without fail, even when many DCS alarms are being issued for interlocks and shutdowns.

ACTMoS has an automatic indication function using a large-sized display to assist all staff in a control room to work together as a team to solve problems.

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