Operation Procedure Management SystemKnowledge Power™

Knowledge Power™ is an operation support software package that systemizes and standardizes not only irregular operations such as industrial plant startup and shutdown and brand switching, but also manual operator tasks that are described in standard operating procedures such as those used to restore normal operation after some problem occurs.
Knowledge Power also automates tasks such as valve position settings and pump start-stop operations, as well as monitoring methods based on the knowledge of skilled operators. It can automate tasks aimed at early discovery of abnormal operating symptoms, monitoring of facilities, and checking for optimal operation.


Creating applications that systemize irregular operating procedures or that automate operations and monitoring now requires no programming knowledge whatsoever! They can be created simply by combining and aligning icons on a diagram in the operation sequence, as if drawing a flowchart. By combining about 40 types of icons, various functions such as checking phenomena appearing in processes, providing guidance for taking countermeasures, as well as general automation, can all be built in. Since no programming is required, operators who have a good knowledge of equipment and facility principles can build applications by themselves.

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