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Model CVM400

Natural Gas Calorimeter GasCVD
Model CVM400


The GasCVD Natural Gas Calorimeter facilitates smooth, simple, and accurate trade transactions involving natural gas, a resource of increasing global importance. This calorimeter conforms to international measurement standards. Its small size, light weight, high accuracy, and low price are impossible for conventional gas calorimeters and gas chromatographs to match. This gas calorimeter is also ideal for LNG calorific adjustment lines and applications that improve combustion efficiency for gas turbines and furnaces.

Low price, high-speed response

The price of the Natural Gas Calorimeter is an amazingly low one-fifth to one-twentieth that of ordinary gas chromatographs. It also offers a quick response of 5 seconds at the fastest, which is over 30 times that of ordinary gas chromatographs.

High-accuracy measurements even with gas component fluctuations

A high accuracy of ±1.0 % of the reading is ensured even with component fluctuations in the measured gas. Accuracy is ensured even in cases where an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide is intermixed. (There are restrictions on the components in the measured gas.) Also, there is no need of a sample gas for calibration, as is required for conventional equipment.

High reliability

To promote fair business transactions, the Natural Gas Calorimeter conforms to OIML R140 of the International Organization of Legal Metrology as a Class B CVDD (Calorific Value Determining Device), and conforms to the European metrology organization WELMEC's MID MI-002 standard.

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